Monday, January 4, 2010

Drive My Car. . .

At a recent family meal, Jen was describing how, while she'd been out driving around town the previous evening, another vehicle near her had been driving erratically. . .

5M (a HS junior), with a look of shock on his face, asked, "How would they even DO that?"

Now Jen and I were confused. "What do you mean?" she asked.

"Well, were they making out, or something? Did they have their clothes on? I don't get it. . ."

I still had no idea what he was talking about, but Jen suddenly broke into an amused smile. "They were driving erratically," she explained. "Not erotically."


  1. Funny! In my house, often the kids will not have misheard, but think a word means something totally different than its actual meaning. Whatever happened to vocabulary tests?

  2. not sure what it says that i got it straightaway. too funny.

  3. It's been my experience that you have to have a really, really stoic driver for that kind of driving.

  4. ummm. Right. Errr.. no comment about erotic driving, other than to say.. n/mind.

    Funny mix up on the words though, lol.

  5. Cocotte - I don't think he mis-heard, either. Altho I'm a little disturbed that his mind went in the one direction, and not the other. . . ;)

    Lime - Ummmmm. . . yeah. . . ;)

    faDKoG - See, now here's where I just need to say nothing at all. . . ;)

    Sailor - Yeah, I know. . .

  6. Too funny. I didn't get it until Jen's explanation there at the last. I can be slow that way.

  7. Jan - Well I'm right there with you; I didn't get it until then, either. Which is a large part of what makes it funny. . .

  8. Well, I do see a few sets of those "truck nuts" from time to time...

    And while that's not exactly erotic; some form of undress is involved. :Z

  9. Flutter - I had to google 'truck nuts' to even know what you're talking about. . . And. . . ummmmm, yeah. . . wondering who thought that up. . .