Sunday, December 5, 2010

'Twas the Season

Well, the arrival of the first real snow of the winter, along with temperatures persistently below freezing (and seriously? it was like the calendar flipped to December 1, and the Weather Switch flipped to 'Instant Winter' mode), have effectively marked the end of the 2010 bicycling season for me. You can be sure that if, any time between now and the nominal arrival of spring 2011, we get temperatures above freezing, and ice-free back roads (and all on a weekend, or at least a day I don't have to work) (thank you, Dr. King), I'll be out, grabbing whatever miles I can. But this past weekend, the temps topped out below freezing, and the snow (which wasn't really all that much) stuck around enough to create a bit of a 'black ice' hazard. So, with a heavy heart, I fired up the stationary bike in front of a football game on TV (something about athletic young men running up and down the field helps inspire me to keep my own legs moving) (or at least takes my mind off how much my own legs are hurting, especially in the last 15 minutes or so), and bid a peaceful winter's rest to my two-wheeled steed. But hey - the (provisionally) final tally for 2010 - 1609 miles. Which is the most I've done since 1992. When I was still in my 30s. Heck, 5M was born that year, and he's a high-school senior now. So it's been awhile. Since I got back on my bike a few years back, when I started with the weight loss, my max was just over 1400 miles, which was enough to make me proud. But this year, I thought if I really went for it, didn't take any weekends off, and pushed myself for just a few more miles on the rides I did, maybe I could make 1500. And I went past that by over a hundred miles. Sweet. . . ------------------------- And hey, I don't want to make TOO big a deal of it ('cuz I know what happens when I post sports-related stuff here) (*crickets chirping*), but my Spartans successfully finished their football season with 11 wins (the most in school history; but that's mostly because the Bubba Smith teams from back in the 60s only played 10 games) against only a single solitary defeat (for which, hats off to FADKOG's Hawkeyes, but goodness, it seems to have shot them all to heck for the rest of their season). For which, they earned the title of Co-Champions of the Big Ten. Woo-hoo!! It's 20 years since my Spartans were Big Ten champions in football (the basketball team has had a bit more success, of late). Even longer than it's been since I rode more than 1600 miles. Heck, it was so long ago that we only had four kids at the time. (It was SO long ago that the Big Ten only had ten members.) So now we get to go bowling in some pleasantly warm place on New Year's Day. Woo-hoo again! ------------------------- Anyway, a couple of noteworthy seasons in my life have just come to a close (well, almost; enough to have a 'sense of completion' about them, at any rate), and in most happy manner. Neither of them is of particularly 'ultimate' significance, but I do take a bit of happiness from them, y'know?


  1. well hey 1609 miles is nothing to sneer at. most excellent. and congrats to your spartans. ok, back to the fire since winter has appeared here too.

  2. Congrats on all counts! And yes, the black ice was terrible here yesterday. I really hate winter.

  3. Ah, the satisfaction of goals met. Congratulations on the 1609.

  4. Lime - Thank you for not sneering. . .

    And, no kidding about the winter; it was 17F when I woke up this morning. . .

    Cocotte - Not to worry; winter hates you, too. . . ;)

    Skip - She's so fine, my 1609. . . And yes, satisfaction indeed. . .

  5. The mileage is mighty impressive. And so are your Spartans. Should be a decent game between they and 'Bama. My BC Eagles, in reward for having won the final five games of the season (raising them to 7 - 5, for goodness' sakes) get to play in the (Huh?) Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl on freakin' January 9th at 9pm. It being a Sunday and all, thus the night before a workday, I'll probably be asleep before the final (which may be a good thing, considering they're playing Nevada.)

  6. Suldog - Well, it will certainly be, um. . . interesting, to say hello to coach Saban again. . .

    And since when did they start playin' 50 games after Jan 1st? Sheesh. . .

    I guess it's only natural (OK, maybe 'natural' isn't the best word) for a purveyor of processed cheese to sign on for Fighting Hunger. . .