Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jen! (and We'll See Y'all in a Week)

Today is Jen's birthday.  Which brings us into the seven months of the year that she and I are the same age, at least as far as integral numbers of years are concerned.  In our family, we are fond of telling each other on our birthdays, "I'm glad you were born."  And I can say with all sincerity that, with the possible exception of my own birth-parents, I am gladder for Jen's birth than any other person on the planet.  I don't even want to contemplate what my life might have been like without her existence.

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.  My world is a sweeter, richer place for having you in it. . .


We're gone to Summer Camp for the coming week, so I'll be incommunicado from Blog-space.  But, just so you have something to remember me by, here's a photo of my friend Jason and me, regaling the campers with our rousing rendition of Loudon Wainright's 'Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road'. . .

(Tie-dye napkin do-rag by Lime)


  1. Happy Birthday, Jen! And have a wonderful time at camp!

  2. Happy Birthday to Jen- that's some rag you have on, I hope you have a blast at camp!

  3. happy birthday, jen! hope it's a great day for you even if kinda crazy heading off to camp.

    i dunno which hat i like better, the tie dye or the skunk. they are both pretty funny!

  4. and so, where's the you-tube version? This I gotta hear!!

    Happy birthday dear Jen. You don't know I exist yet your life has touched mine through the man you keep watch over ..... and keep steady :-)

  5. Thanks, all. Jen has authorized me to reply on her behalf (really!)

    As far as I could tell, her birthday was duly happy. We actually went to camp the day before, to set up and prepare, and her birthday was camper-arrival day. (I 'future-posted' this; I hope you don't feel deceived. . .)

    Bijoux - Camp was good, as it always is. Jen was saying that her week was more relaxed and peaceful than it's ever been. So that's nice. . .

    Sailor - It's actually a napkin; but it's such a good match for the shirt which I already had, I couldn't resist. . .

    Lime - It's an actual skunk pelt (with all of the, um, odiferous qualities which you might worry about), which J just flopped on top of his pith helmet. Sometimes you just gotta make sacrifices. . .

    And the tie-dye, you already know about. . . ;)

    Xavier - There might be video somewhere (people do bring cameras to camp), but I don't have concrete knowledge of any. . .

    And as to Jen, and keeping watch over me / keeping me steady. . . you understand, my brother. . .


  6. Damn! Where the heck have I been that it took me this long to get over here and see this? Anyway, Happy (belated) Birthday, Jen!

  7. Not to worry, Suldog; we were away at camp, anyway. . .

    And Jen thanks you for your kind wishes.