Friday, January 6, 2012

The Truth Is Out There. . .

Since it's Epiphany. . .

I think that this cartoon has an interesting/cute/clever take on the Incarnation, and how we 'moderns' think of the Universe, and our place in it.  What do you think?



  1. Sobering is the word I might choose ....

  2. Xavier - I see your point. . .

    Of course, the sci-fi genre is replete with stories of contact with aliens from 'out there'. I'd never really thought to parse the Incarnation in those terms. Seems to work, tho. . .

    I've also been impressed by how many of those sci-fi books render their 'aliens' in pretty 'God-like' terms. I get a chuckle, especially from some of the more outspoken 'atheist' types - you can't swallow the idea of God, but aliens that are just like Him are OK. . .

    Skip - I got a 'Like' button?

    Seriously, I don't know my way around Blogger nearly as well as some of y'all. I know you can 'Follow' my blog, but I don't know about 'Like'.

    (isn't the 'Like' button a Facebook/Twitter thing?) (showing my ignorance here again. . .)

  3. Great cartoon! I just finished reading the book, 'Heaven Is For Real' which you might find interesting.

  4. Bijoux - That does look interesting. How long did it take you to stop snickering that the author's name is Burpo? ;)

    Peter Kreeft has written a couple good books on Heaven, more from a 'philosophical' or 'speculative theological' standpoint. . .

  5. Thanks for the post (seems difficult to call it a cartoon) and the wonderful thought it portrays.

    Your response to Xavier reminded me of the C. S. Lewis space trilogy. It starts with Out of the Silent Planet.

  6. George - Thanks for stopping by!

    Out of the Silent Planet is one of my absolute favorite books, just for the picture it paints of a world in harmony according to God's plan.

    (The book I probaby had most in mind in my comment to Xavier is Carl Sagan's Contact)

  7. Greetings!

    The 'toon is outstanding. I am impressed how the artist can say so much with so few words.

    I also like the banter in these comment sections.

  8. This is great... very thought provoking. and, I also am a big fan of Out of the Silent Planet, excellent!

    Have you read (I assume so, lol) Mere Christianity? If not, do so!

  9. yep, i reckon that question has been answered pretty well.

  10. Craver - Thanks for stopping by! I've seen you a bunch over at Lime's; glad you stopped by here (I've been to your place many times, but haven't gotten around to leaving a comment yet; my bad. . .)

    I know what you mean; that's one of the things that's really outstanding about this 'toon. . .

    And come by and banter whenever you like. . .

    Sailor - I'm a big fan of most anything Lewis ever wrote. . . (One of my sons - I'll leave you to guess which one - has 'Lewis' for his middle name.)

    Lime - Yep, ah reckon. . . It's a cute way to frame it, tho, isn't it?

  11. Excellent cartoon! And you'll find this hard to believe, but my word veri is "genesis" (misspelled, I know, but still...)

  12. Suldog - Ummmmm. . . as near as I can tell, that's NOT misspelled. . . Unless, you know, you misspelled the misspelling. . .

    Glad you liked the 'toon, tho. . . ;)

    (Now, MY WordVer is 'dryods'; which, I hope, doesn't signify that I'm secretly an ancient Celtic pagan. . .)

  13. I've often wondered about all of the alien/UFO sightings that continue even to this day yet all of our amazing instruments fail to detect.

    Have I ever told you my sighting story? No? Huh. Now where's that tin-foil done gone to?

  14. G-Man - ???

    Your comment is too subtle for my meager inferential skillz; who is 'Fox', and why are you thanking him/her here?

    Xavier - I'm inclined to parse that mostly in terms of Chesterton's aphorism that, "when men leave off believing in God, they don't believe in nothing; they'll believe anything."

    But. . . tell on, my friend, tell on. . .

  15. Damn, Craig, it WAS spelled correctly! For some reason, I was totally blanking there, thinking there was a "U" involved somehow.

  16. Suldog - You were hankering for a Guinness, no doubt. . .

  17. (*head-slap*)

    I just got it, G-Man. Fox Mulder was the main character from the TV show, The X-Files, whose catch-phrase I appropriated as my title for this post. . .

    See, I really don't watch much TV, but some of those 'cultural sound-bites' are just hard to miss. . .

    Or were you referring to something else? ;)

  18. In the 4 or so years that I worked the Uncle's farm we had 3 'sightings' of unexplained nature. All 3 were similar dimly-lit objects that flew low and slow and silent over the field outside the barn. Rather beautiful they were but remain unexplained.

    Kinda cool how folks glaze when I mention it. You know, 'cause I'm crazy like that.

  19. So - no, uh, little green men sticking probes up orifices, or anything like that?

  20. Hmm that is very cute! I like the clever take it has on the modern day obsession with life out there.

  21. Yeah, how disappointing was that? :-)

  22. cest - Yeah, it kinda flips things sideways, doesn't it?

    And thanks for stopping by!

    Xavier - Better luck next time. . . ;)

  23. smiles...i like the commentary in the comments as well...on what some will or wont cartoon...sobering is def the word..

  24. Fox Mulder?
    The X-Files?
    His credo was..The Truth Is Out There!
    That was the Crux of that whole show!!
    Thanks for visiting...G

  25. Brian - Thanks for stopping by!

    A while back I did a meme, which asked me to identify one of my posts whose success surprised me. We have a new winner. . .

    G-Man - Yeah, I did finally figger it out. Sometimes it takes a while for the penny to get all the way to the bottom. . .