Tuesday, February 14, 2012

This Thing Called Love

I have never been a big fan of Valentines' Day, and the whole forced, over-romanticized, Hallmark-y-ness of it.  And, fortunately for me, neither is Jen (although we have had a little fun with it, from time to time). . .

This year, though, I came across a delightful quote (actually, 1F sent it to me; I think she got it from 4M, along with a note to the effect that, "We're all doomed"), from one of my favorite authors, that somehow resonates with my experience of the wonderfulness of the love I've shared with my beloved wife for lo, these many years. . .


We are all a little weird and life's a little weird,
and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours,
we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness
and call it Love.
           -- Theodore Seuss Geisel


  1. Ah... so that's my problem. No one is as weird as I am.

    Happy Icky-Pink Day, as a friend of mine calls it. :)

  2. Well, I love it and I love that quote. People complain about the commercialism of Christmas too. I think people just like to complain!

    And I also think that those who are all 'Well, I shouldn't have to show my love on 2/14 because I can do it all year long' are usually the same folks who probably DON'T show their love all year long.


  3. GS and I exchange cards. Is that overdoing it?
    ...and I probably can't send enough to my daughter

  4. theodore geisel had it right on so many counts.

  5. JM - Well, they don't have to be 'as weird', just 'compatibly weird'. . .

    And, 'Icky-Pink Day'; in a perverse sort of way, I like it. . .

    Bijoux - Awwwww, now you know that me and my lady are all about the 24/7/365 lovin', don't you?

    And just for fun, here is the inside skinny (or at least, a pretty decent account of it) on St. Valentine and his day. . .

    Skip - OK, my all-time favorite V-Day card had a photo of a very grumpy/gnarly-looking old gentleman, standing behind a chair on the lawn. The caption was, "Here's Your Damn Valentine", and inside, "Now Sit Down and Shut Up". Just so you know, I never actually sent that card to anyone. But I showed it to Jen, and she thought it was hilarious. . .

    Lime - Well, he had a particular genius for not taking life, or himself, too seriously, for sure. . .

  6. I'm with you and Jen, Queenie is with Bijoux. We each stretch the other's way and all is well ....

  7. Amen to the good doctor. By the way, I don't believe I've ever seen the use of apostrophe in the name of the day as you've used it today. I've seen Valentine's and Valentines (no apostrophe), but never Valentines'. I'm not judging, just saying. Is that standard in your neck of the woods?

  8. Oh, I'm not refering to you, I was just talking about folks who diss the holiday in general.

    And I think Queenie is a flowers/candy person. For me, it had better be a gift you wouldn't give your daughter, if you catch my drift.

  9. Xavier - "We each stretch the other's way. . ."

    Lotta wisdom, right there, bro. . .

    Suldog - Hmmmmm. . . I doubt very much that I thought about it even as much as you did. It might even be a typo. . .


    Bijoux - You want a chainsaw?


  10. bijoux- Very true, Queenie's ideas and your ideas for an appropriate gift are far divergent ....

  11. Craig:

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  12. Craig - I'd've sent that card to someone if I'd seen it

  13. Xavier - no comment; I'm just sitting here smiling to myself. . .

    Stephen - I've seen you around, too. Come by whenever you like, and perhaps we can get to know each other in the coming weeks. . .

    Skip - I'm sure you would. . .


    Truth to tell, years ago, I had a minor dust-up with my birth-mother, over my insufficient observance of V-Day. And I came across the card in the wake of that. So, the immediate temptation was to send it to her, but Jen finally convinced me that one oughtn't send such a card to his mother. . .

  14. Well... mutual weirdness worked for me for 23 years. And then it didn't.

    Life is strange.

  15. X - Uh-huh. . .

    Buck - It is, ain't it? Reminds me of an old Doors song. . .

    Thanks for stopping in to say 'Hi'; anytime, you know?

  16. Whats love got to do with it?
    Weirdness is in the eye of the beholder.
    And I'm mighty beholdin to ya...

  17. Well, G, People are Strange. . .

  18. I love this quote by Dr. Seuss.

    Has anyone ever asked you who if you could have dinner with 5 people, who would they be? (They can be from the past or present).
    Dr. Seuss would be one of those I would invite.

  19. Kay - Interesting to think about; and Dr. Seuss would certainly be an interesting dinner companion.

    I've never thought about such a question. Off the top of my head, a few folks that would be on the list from which I'd pick five -

    Albert Einstein
    Abraham Lincoln
    Benjamin Franklin
    Isaac Newton
    Blaise Pascal
    CS Lewis
    GK Chesterton
    Martin Luther King
    John Henry Newman
    St. Augustine
    Pope John Paul II

    Probably a few others, that are escaping me just at the moment, but that's a good starting list. . .