Monday, June 18, 2012

Today's Marker of the Inexorable Passage of Time

. . . and another 'decade birthday' -

Happy 70th to Sir Paul McCartney.

Yeef.  I didn't think Beatles were allowed to be 70 (although I suppose Ringo has been there for a couple years, now. . .)


  1. I remember when 70 seemed ancient! Now my parents are past that mark and seem downright youthful!

  2. Yeah, I can tell you, from the vantage point of less than 14 years away (ie, less than the life-span-so-far of 7M, who was born just the day before yesterday), that 70 doesn't seem nearly so 'ancient' as it used to.

    My birth-parents are 76 and 80, and both in good health. So I take that as a positive sign. . .


  3. kinda makes "when i'm 64" look young, huh?

  4. Lime - Jen and I went to see Sir Paul in '05, as part of our Silver Anniversary celebrations. He was 63 then, and I thought it would be cute/clever if he sang 'When I'm 64'. But alas, that was also the time he was in the midst of divorcing his second wife.

    So, evidently, when he asked her, "Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm 64?", she said, "No."

    Bitch. . .

  5. My own personal "I guess I'm not young anymore" moment was when I heard that Ian Gillan (Deep Purple) was 65, a year or so ago.

    Well, I mean, aside from my being bald and losing my teeth.

  6. Suldog - There's just something fundamentally wrong with 'Jesus' being retirement age, isn't there?