Thursday, September 6, 2012

La-la, How the Life Goes On. . .

OK, there seems to be some kind of movement sweeping through the corners of blog-space that I habituate, in which several of my blog-friends (Buck, Suldog, Uncle Skip and Michelle Hickman, for starters) have chosen a theme-song for their lives, then give a brief synopsis of their life, organized by decades.  I don't know if I'm really all that ambitious, but I'm at least willing to half-ass it, out of stuff I've posted before. . .


I suppose I'm more-or-less honor-bound to choose as my theme song, 'Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da', since, you know, that's where I got the name of my blog in the first place, with the whole 'Desmond and Molly' thing, and 'Home Sweet Home', and 'a couple of kids running in the yard', and all that.  (I don't know how to embed the video right here on my blog page, but I can at least give you the link. . .)

Over at Suldog's, I posted a comment, in which I said, (quoting myself verbatim):

"I have some vague memories of Elvis that must have been from the 50s, but that's about it. For me, the 60s were the Tigers, the Beatles, and the space program (also my parents' divorce, and variations on my family configuration). In the 70s, I expanded my mind, too, but mostly along the educational track. I got married in '80, and since then, we've been raising kids. Right now, I'm just trying to stay focused long enough to get 'em all launched and on their way. . ."

So, you know, there's that.  I have posted a few items, both here and on my old blog, over the years, which might serve to elaborate a bit on the above (very extremely ridiculously) brief synopsis.  If you're interested:

Growing Up In the 60s

Where Were You. . . ?

March of the Gadgets (which isn't really a  true 'retrospective of my life', but it's fun)


  1. I've added you to the 'honor roll' on my posting. Thanks for playing!

  2. Ha! I know more about you now than five minutes ago.
    I've been posting dribs and drabs about me over the time at my place, too. But I'm too lazy to look for the old posts so I'm just gonna suck it up and write a whole new post. Which means it will be some time before anybody sees it, they'll all have forgotten what it's all about, and then wonder what I'm up to.

    Really... you don't know how to embed a video?

  3. A theme song? Life changes so much, it would be hard to pinpoint it with one song.

  4. Suldog - My pleasure. . .

    Skip - You know, if there were no rewards for laziness, a lot fewer of us would be lazy, eh?

    And I'm sure I could figger out how to embed a vid, but, you know, I've gotten this far without having to do it, and besides. . . I'm too lazy. . .


    Bijoux - Yeah, I know. But mine was so obvious. . . I thought about something like 'In My Life' (which I really like), or maybe Crosby Stills & Nash 's 'Wasted On the Way' (which I also like, but it really ain't me). Which reminds me - Creedence Clearwater's 'Fortunate Son' could also work. . .

  5. Eh, I'll not even try. not sure a song that was indicative would be sellable, if you know what I mean ....

    truth is that some years ago we sat with some friends who tried to match up folks in the room (and a few outside the room) with theme songs. i was the one they couldn't agree on, probably with good reason. as bijoux hints, it would definitely be a moving target. fast moving.

  6. this meme was made for you given the various blog incarnations and names you've used. ;)

  7. Xavier - Yeah, you kinda defy easy classification, dontcha?

    Lime - Yeah, I kinda set myself up for this one, didn't I?