Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Time Has Come, the Walrus Said. . .

. . . for me to step away from blogging.  Again (and those of you who have known me from the beginning, or close to it, back in May 2006, will be forgiven for saying, "Yeah, we've heard that before").  It's been a pretty long, sustained run this time, over 4-1/2 years, from June 2008 until today, with a quick break to change blogs and blog-o-nyms at the end of 2009.

Alas, the Real World is pressing its claims on my life, and I just need to clear my head and readjust my priorities real-ward.

I don't know if or when I'll be back; as of this minute, I don't have any plans, one way or the other.  Perhaps I'll still visit your blogs and leave an occasional comment, but I can't promise that I will.  If it turns out that I never do return, please allow me to say that I have enjoyed every one of you that I've met (or, I should probably rather say, 'met', in finger-quotes) here in blog-space.  You are some wonderful folks, and I have enjoyed such friendship as we've shared, for never having laid actual, physical eyes on each other.  If I should ever happen to be in any of your neighborhoods, perhaps we can get together for a suitably convivial beverage.

Until we meet again.  It's been a blast.

Blessings to you all. . .


  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry to see you go, o faithful commenter. I hope that everything is alright and that it's more of a good busy time in your life. Blessings, peace and love!

  2. I do understand, but am saddened to see you go; I've really loved getting to "know" you and your family, and your calm outlook on life, and mostly your faith in God has been enriching to me.

    Peace and God bless you, and thanks- for sharing yourself here :)


  3. Oh, no...
    Say it isn't so.
    We'll miss ya, so you better drop in occasionally.

  4. Ah, Craig. We hardly knew ye.

    I understand, I just hope you regain your focus and return. Soon.

  5. sorry to hear it but i wish you peace and proper priorities.

  6. Aw, shoot. I certainly wouldn't begrudge you the release from what is, for most of us, a hobby that eats up time, but I sure will miss you. You've been one of my favorite visitors, as well as one of my favorite people with whom to visit. You always had something spot on to say over at my place, when leaving a comment, and I rarely left here without something of value for my having taken the time to stop by.

    At the risk of sounding more swishy than need be, I love you. Thank you for being a great internet friend.

  7. Thanks to all of you. . .

    Bijoux - It's a good thing, I promise. . .

    Sailor - I know you understand. . . Thanks

    Skip - I'll miss you, too. And if my Tigers and your Giants should sign up for a rematch next fall, I promise to check in (and maybe Verlander won't try to blow fastballs past Sandoval next time). . .

    Buck - I know. One of the unexpected things about blogging over the course of nearly seven years was how one set of blog-friends would drift away, but a whole new set of folks would arrive who were just as congenial as the folks who'd left. . .

    Lime - Thanks. You understand, my friend. . .

    Suldog - Thank you. I am genuinely touched by your love, and I love you right back. Once I got to know you a little, I wished I had gotten to know you a lot sooner. Your mind is warped in some very similar ways to my own, and even so, I have learned a lot from you. Maybe it's the birthday/birth-year thing - there's probably some humor to be mined from the fact that we're off by one, on both counts.

    I don't know if I've ever mentioned it, but in the course of tracing my family tree, I found several ancestors who spent a considerable portion of their lives in Watertown (I'm told it was pretty different back in the 1600s, tho). If I'm ever out your way, I promise to give you a call. . .

  8. Wow. Craig. Sorry to see you go. I hope you'll be back. If not, go with God. Take care.

  9. Aw, thanks, Sarge. . . We shall see what we shall see. . .

  10. we knew this day would come, when one of our own grew up and went off into the real world. stay safe my friend, it has been a pleasure.

  11. Xavier - It has been a pleasure, my friend. The 'real world', at least the one I live in, is really a pretty good place for me, all things taken together. . .

  12. Awwww... I am sad to see you disappear. I have always appreciated the insights and anecdotes and stories from days gone by that you have shared. It's true that the term "Internet Friend" is a bit of a strange one, but at that, I am glad to have met you and stuck my foot in the crack of your door, so much as our blogs allow us to share of ourselves. Your family is all the more lucky to now have more of your time and attention. As much as hobbies such as this are fun additions to our life; they can also be a big timesuck. Enjoy finding a bit more time for some other important things around you!

  13. Oh, and just like that there goes 25% of my readership and 33% of my commenters! ;)

  14. Flutter - You understand right well, my friend. . .

    Xavier, redux - Eh, we shall see what we shall see. None of us are getting the traffic we got five years ago. . .

  15. If your are ever in Cape Town, South Africa, you have an invitation to my place for a meal.

    1. Gosh, thanks!

      But, now I'm imagining myself wandering the streets of Cape Town, buttonholing strangers, asking, "I'm looking for Anonymous; do you know where s/he lives?"