Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Please Pray, Won't You?

I've only got about 4 or 5 more-or-less regular readers left here in The Yard, and one of 'em, Buck Pennington, the Exile in Portales, is pretty seriously ill just lately, enough to be in an ICU one state over from home.  Would you please take a moment to offer a prayer for his recovery?  (Buck, who I believe has Buddhist leanings, likes to make reference to The Deity At Hand; I'm quite sure, at any rate, that The Deity At Hand knows Who He Is, whether we do or not. . .)  Buck has become a good friend over the blog-years (even if he is a fancier of Notre Dame; we hold the Red Wings in common, though), and I would hate to lose him just yet. . .


(update, 20 December)

Buck's sons posted of his passing yesterday.  Clearly, the Deity At Hand has His own inscrutable plans for Buck. . .

I will miss him.

Requiescat In Pace, Buck


  1. I'm sorry to hear that. He's in my thoughts.

  2. Buck is important to a lot of folks Craig.

    Prayers are ongoing.

  3. I am so sorry to hear that. I will say extra prayers. I hope he recuperates soon.

  4. Buck is a really nice guy and I treasure him. Thanks, Craig.

  5. Saying a prayer for him now. God bless you.

  6. Aww, I'm very sorry to hear this update.