Friday, January 1, 2016

Ugh. . .

Well, football season is over for my Spartans, and it wasn't pretty.  Actually, it reminded me quite a bit of 7M's final game a few weeks ago, coincidentally enough, in the semi-finals, as well.  We came out and played quite competitively against what was probably a superior opponent to begin with, and just before halftime, we were looking OK.  Then, one catastrophic play just before halftime seemed to suck the air out of us, and after that, things got out of hand pretty quickly.

Hats off to the Crimson Tide, and especially to Jake Coker, their 'game manager' quarterback, who had the game of his life.  Every ball he threw was absolutely on a dime - I don't think he missed a single pass all night.  Even his five incompletions were on-target.  Our defensive front showed up to play, but our secondary, um, showed some deficiencies.  And our quarterback and offensive line, who were supposed to be our significant strengths. . . well, let's say they didn't have their best games (to be fair, the Alabama defense probably had a lot to do with that).

So football season is over.  I can't think we had anything less than a successful season - we were Big Ten champs for the third time in six years (and you have to go back almost 40 years to find three conference championships before that), beat both our major rivals, and earned a spot in one of the national semi-finals, even if we didn't acquit ourselves there quite as well as we'd have hoped.  Our program keeps taking positive steps, reaching incrementally higher year-upon-year.  So, in the spirit of the New Year, I'm hopeful for the future.

Anyway, it's basketball season now, and Coach Izzo's guys seem to have something good going on. . .

Happy New Year, everybody!


  1. Happy 2016 to you, Craig! Maybe we will both step up on posting this year!

  2. If it is any consolation, I liked the Spartans uniforms better than Bama's.

    Still a very good season.

    1. I sorta wished they'd worn the green pants. . .

      But hey, we takes our consolation where we can gets it. . .


  3. The West champs ran into a buzz saw, too.
    I think those guys need to quit wearing Steelers hand me downs.
    What's really gotta hurt in the UofM won their game and that State team from down south, too.
    Anyway, Happy New Year!

    1. Well yeah, but none of 'em was playing for a spot in the championship.

      And we were.

      Just sayin'. . .

      I loved the OSU guys saying they should've been playing 'Bama. Real simple answer to that, guys. . .

    2. But my gosh, what Stanford did to Iowa. . . That was just stunning. . .

      And Happy New Year to you too, Skip

  4. I was rooting for your Spartans, of course. Not too good a game for the casual fan, at least after a certain point. Next year!

    1. Well, thanks for your support, Jim.

      Our friends from just down the road are thinking that we're just gonna go quietly back to our 'rightful' place as a second-tier program, now that they're back on their own feet. But I don't expect we'll be going anywhere, any time soon. . .