Sunday, March 28, 2010

Madness. . . Madness. . .

Oh, please excuse me for just a second while I bask in the glow of my Spartans getting another turn in college basketball's Final Four. For the sixth time in twelve years. . . This could get habit-forming, if we're not careful. . . The thing is, this time, I have no idea how it happened. This year, I'd have bet good money that another trip to the Final Four wasn't gonna happen. The team just wasn't coming together the way Tom Izzo's teams usually do when March rolls around - guys getting suspended, and benched, etc. And then in our second-round game, our best player, and floor leader, got hurt and is out until next season. We blew a twelve-point lead with two minutes to go, but somehow managed to win the game. Then while we weren't looking, all the higher-seeded teams in our region got upset, but we still had to play the teams that upset them. We won both games this weekend by the skin of our teeth, and so we get to go back to the Final Four. Unbelievable. . . The thing is, our past Final Four teams, I had some idea that they were pretty doggone good, and stood an honest chance to win. This year's team, as I said, I have no idea how they got there. But I'm sure enjoying the ride. . .


  1. Congrats. I didn't pick them based on their distance from the Equator!

  2. I would have loved to see our UNI pull out that win...


  3. Cocotte - Thanks. Maybe next year, you should pick your sheet based on distance from the North Pole. . . ;)

    faDKoG - Heck, if it wasn't against us, I'D have loved to see 'em pull it out. Them beating Kansas is one of the great stories of this year's tournament.

  4. Just thought you'd like to know that I'm taking Friday off and taking my son and one of his friends down to Indy to partake of some of the free/lower cost fun of the Final Four -- such as the team practices. As a Big Ten devotee I will of course be backing the Spartans to win it all even though I didn't have them in my bracket going this far. (As a matter of fact I only picked one Final Four team correctly -- Duke.)

  5. Hi, Jan! And thanks for your support! Say Hi to Coach Izzo for me, if you should happen to bump into him. . . ;)

    And you know, I'm only a little jealous (now that I know how to find my way to Indy, and all. . .)