Sunday, October 28, 2012

A New PR. . .

All the leaves are down,
And the sky is gray. . .

OK, not quite all of the leaves are down, but about 90% of 'em are, and the ones that are left are mostly all brown and shriveled.  But the sky today was a friendly bright blue, with a few puffy white clouds scattered about.  The temperature topped out just below 50F, so I broke out the sweats for my ride yesterday.

I did 32 miles, bringing my total for the year to 1617, a full eight miles more than I did two years ago.  And still roughly a month left in the riding season, before the snow and ice and cold of winter set in in earnest.  So there's still a decent chance that I could go above 1700 miles for the season, and wouldn't that be cool?


And things are not going well for my Tigers.  Their ace aside, they've pitched well enough.  Actually, they've pitched REALLY well.  But their bats have utterly deserted them, especially in clutch situations, like bases-loaded, one out.  In a 3-0 hole, it will take a comeback verging on the miraculous (yes, Suldog, I know about your '04 Red Sox; but that's one in how many hundred 7-game series?).  This could be over tomorrow, if we don't start getting a few timely hits.


At least my Spartans won. . .


  1. congrats on the PR and to the spartans. we'll see what comes of the tigers.

  2. 1700 is a realistic goal... but 1617 is nothing to sneeze at.

    Some of the trees around here have turned, but most are still green and the apricot tree in the back yard is dropping a leaf or two a day.

    I've heard talk of sweep around here. I do think that's a bit premature. On the other hand I would like to see Cain with a WS win to go with his perfecto. What are the odds of the Giants having a seven game winning streak?

  3. Lime - Thanks. We will certainly see; but it ain't lookin' good. . .

    Skip - If I get four more rides in before the snow flies in earnest, I'll need to average 21 miles, which is very reasonable. But when it gets cold, sometimes the cold air blowing up my sinuses makes me sneeze. . .

    Fister and Sanchez both pitched well, and I expect Scherzer will today, too. But if all we can hang on our own side of the scoreboard is zeroes, it won't be a happy thing. And those odds you're wondering about will be pretty darned high. . .

  4. Wish I were there.....we are getting the tail of Sandy here. Great job on the miles!

  5. I remember riding my bike this time of year when I had my paper route and feeling like my fingers were going to fall of because of the chill

    Yes it occurred to me that gloves were an option, but gloves interfered with the folding of the papers as I road along using about anything but my hands to steer

    I didn't have to ride more than about 8 - 10 miles a day ...thank goodness ...or worry about ice and snow

    I really wish I'd kept up with cycling, or even started again

  6. Bijoux - Funny that there would be so much difference over what, in weather terms, is not all that great a distance. . .

    And thanks. . .

    IT - Yeah, it's the fingers, toes and ears that bear the brunt of riding in cold weather. A month from now, I'll be riding pretty reduced miles, because my toes will start to get painful after 15 miles or so, even with 2 pairs of thermal socks.

    And, I'll acknowledge that, at this point, yer Giants are likely to go home happy. But I'm hopin' my Tigers can at least salvage a smidgen of self-respect. . .


  7. boy, sure almost envy you your riding. i tried to start this year but work hates home life so .....

    looking at the game tonight, at least your boys are in it ATM. here's hoping they straighten up.

    i'm with ya there bijoux, we're staring sandy down fairly straight-up here. they figger we'll get 1-3 inches of rain per day for the next 5 days or so. that should be manageable but the winds expected are gonna be problematic. 40 mph steady wind and gusts to 60? not purty

  8. oh BTW, thanks you kindly for shutting down that verification junk.

  9. Xavier - I sure know about that whole 'work-vs-home-life' thing. I stopped riding back in the days when I first acquired the hour-long commute. When I started back up a few years ago, I pretty much only rode on weekends, and that's still mainly true (altho in the spring months, I'm not above taking the occasional vacation day, to catch an isolated day of nice mid-week weather; I'd have done it last week, but I didn't have enough vacation days left).

    And see, I figger that, on some level, it was God's mercy that we didn't have to see what baseball looks like in 35 degrees and 50-mph wind. . .