Monday, October 29, 2012

Well, That Was Quick. . .


The World Series is over, and for the second time in the last six years, my Tigers are left wondering what the hell hit them.  The Giants played the whole Series with lightning bolts shooting out of their eyes, and my Tigers. . . didn't.  They just kicked our asses every way they could possibly be kicked, and hats off to 'em.  Not much doubt as to who was the better team for those four games. . .

I won't belabor the things you can read elsewhere.  Our best pitcher got rocked, and our best hitters (especially young Mr. Fielder) struggled.  Frankly, all season long, our hitters, aside from Cabrera and Fielder and Jackson, were disappointing, and prone to long, frustrating slumps.  It was bad timing for them to fall into another of their familiar funks in the World Series, but whatchagonnado?

Our pitching actually wasn't that bad.  Fister and Sanchez were very good, and deserved better from their bat-wielding teammates.  Not to take anything away from the Giant pitchers, but when you hit .159 for the Series, you're not gonna win much.

I don't really mean this as the lame excuse that it's gonna come off as, but, one of these years, I'd like to play one of these things without having to sit for a week before we get there.  It's tough to come back from a week off and jump in against a team. . . well, you know, that lightning-bolt thing. . .


Anyway, we'll have a couple weeks of post-season awards, and Tigers have a decent shot to win a couple of 'em.  Then we start the process of looking forward to next year, and wondering if we'll be better or worse, or if we can make the playoffs again.  For a World Series team, we've really got quite a few holes in our roster, and it would be nice if a few of the more glaring ones could be upgraded.  But, overall, we've got enough talent to have realistic hopes of being back in the post-season with some moderate regularity.  Perhaps.  And once we get there, who knows?

But for now, baseball season is over, and we will return to our regularly-scheduled programming with the next post. . .


  1. I thought the Tigers aquitted themselves quite well. They just happened to catch the Giants at their peak (and I agree the layoff didn't help). All of the Giants pitchers pitchedat their best. When they're doing that thry make everyone look bad.

  2. So sorry to hear of your loss!

  3. My condolences. Fielder was, to put it charitably, a cipher at the plate. The pitching was actually very good on both sides (excluding the one strangely ineffective outing by Verlander.)

  4. Glad your weather is nice, we're hunkered in a hurricane, ugh, lol- thankfully, so far, we have power...

    Too bad for the Tigers, I'd hoped they'd be able to make a better showing so the series would go on, but oh well. At least, we can look forward to next year :)

  5. my condolences to the tigers.

  6. Skip - You're very gracious. And I know that it's not like the Giants' pitchers aren't any good.

    But it's funny - soft-throwing lefties like Zito and Bumgarner (and, say, Bruce Chen) have given the Tigers fits all year. . .

    Bijoux - Nice use of the double-meaning of 'loss', there. . . But, thanks. . .

    Suldog - 'Cipher' is a nice way of saying 'zero' (altho, technically, he was .071) Verlander will have a start like that maybe every other year. Bad timing, I guess. . .

    Sailor - I'm taking a small bit of consolation that maybe the sweep was in the best interests of the game; NOBODY wanted to see what baseball might look like in 35-degrees and 50-mph wind. . .

    They're predicting 20-foot waves on Lake Huron this evening; I'm a little bit tempted to wander over and see what it looks like (but only a little. . .)

    And next year is at least a hopeful thing. . .

    Lime - Thank you; you are very kind.

    Keep yer head down, and look out for falling trees. . .

  7. Yah, Disappointment Я Us. What's doubly bad... for me, at least... is the NHL lockout. So, no Wings to dull the pain.


  8. Disappointing .... for sure ....

  9. Buck - Yeah, brutal, ain't it? I don't mind pokin' my nose in on the Lions and Pistons, and I'm probably less of a hockey fan than you are. Besides, I've always got my Spartans. . .

    Xavier - Whatchagonnado, eh?

  10. Oh, and Buck - did you grab the backwards 'R' from a Cyrillic font somewhere?

    (Waitin' for you to say 'Ya')