Sunday, September 12, 2021

Science Marches On. . .


Just for the sake of saying so, Science Magazine is not a lightweight journal, and it is very far from any kind of 'conservative' political bias. . .

To state things clearly - "people who once had a SARS-CoV-2 infection [are] much less likely than never-infected, vaccinated people to get Delta, develop symptoms from it, or become hospitalized with serious COVID-19."  And, just to be clear, "they caution that intentional infection among unvaccinated people would be extremely risky."  So, no 'infection parties', please. . .

The article notes that a single-dose 'booster given to previously-infected persons reduces their risk even further, but, from the start, 'natural immunity' confers more robust resistance to future infection, and for a longer time, than does vaccination of never-infected persons.

Which is what I was saying a couple months ago.


The thing I don't understand is that, judging from public rhetoric, 'natural immunity' either doesn't exist or isn't worth talking about.  There are only 'The Vaccinated' and 'The Unvaccinated'.  People like me are counted among The Unvaccinated, when we actually have superior immunity to that conferred by vaccination.  We 'Survivors' should be counted among 'The Immunized', whether that immunity came from the natural response of our bodies to infection, or from a vaccine.  But there seems to be a very stubborn resistance to that very basic scientific truth, and I have no idea why. . .


  1. Yes! I follow ZDogg MD’s podcast and he has also been saying this all along and that instead of a vaccine passport, it should be an immunity passport (if we must resort to such nonsense). It’s just been horrible messaging from the get go.

    Do you suppose Israel is in such a bad situation now because of their initial lockdown and small number of people ever having Covid?

    1. I don't know nearly enough enough to comment on the current situation in Israel. . .

      To me, the idea of medical 'passports' is kinda offensive. Did somebody repeal HIPAA laws when we weren't looking?

  2. Seems like there are a lot of suppositions and a little actual knowledge on the part of the layman.
    The science is out there, but whose science should we believe?
    I’m sure you’re at least as immune as I, who’s had two shots.
    Even with the two shots, Laurie and I are taking measures to prevent spread.
    We really enjoyed seeing you and Jenn Thursday.
    Dearborn more than met any expectations.

    1. The difficulty of getting one's hands on reliable information is really the biggest problem. Which is why I'm impressed that this study was cited in Science. . .

      We had a wonderful time with you and Your Bride. As to Dearborn - told ya. . . ;)

  3. The addled 'authorities' are still claiming that natural immunity fades far sooner than fake immunity despite the facts that the data says otherwise. Queenie had her bout in March 2020 and I presumably had my a-symptomatic fight at the same time. As of May this year both of us had top-notch anti-bodies still pumping out even though anti-bodies are the first piece of immunity to fade (T-cell and C-cell immunity underlying that have far longer staying power). But you can't discriminate unless you solidly define the classes to discriminate against and non-conformity is the enemy when trying to set up your preferred classes.

    Or maybe I'm justa conspiracy loon?

    1. Yeah, the talking heads are at the very least lying by omission on the whole question of natural immunity.

      Someone asked me recently why I hadn't gotten vaccinated. My answer -

      1) Probably 90% because I have natural immunity, and the vaccine isn't giving me anything I don't already have, and more robustly than the vaccine can give me.

      The rest, in no particular order -
      - there are good reasons to have reservations about the vaccine, how little it was tested, and how rapidly/forcefully it's been promulgated to the public.

      - the fact that the powers-that-be are willing to resort to the coercive measures they're talking about, and the fact that they've given so many conflicting messages up to now only serves to diminish my trust. When it comes down to nurses and public-safety officers quitting rather than getting vaccinated, I know that there's more going on here than concern for public health. . .